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Build an accessible and platform independent site search in less than five minutes and customise it as much as you want. No credit card required.

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But there’s an official optional plugin for WordPress with added features.

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Findkit includes all the tools for building a modern site search at a fraction of the cost of competitors. It is platform-agnostic and can connect even millions of different website contents into a single search index.


A widely used and tested technology, hundreds of sites use Findkit for site search.

White label

Findkit’s affordable pricing and whitelabel model make it possible to generate passive monthly income with the search solution.

Cloud crawler

Findkit includes platform independent crawler which is managed using CLI tool. Minimal config requires only a target url to get started.

Multi-domain crawling

Findkit Crawler can crawl multiple domains into a single index making it perfect for implementing global search for a network of websites.

Managed search index

Our Managed Search Index offers you efficient data retrieval and organization, enabling you to focus more on your core business operations rather than dealing with complex data management.

Scalable Search API

CORs compatible API endpoint for making search requests

Open source Javascript UI-library

Findkit includes JavaScript UI-library for building the search user interfaces.


Fully customisable. Use Javascript to control how the crawler indexes your pages, modify the Search UI with slots and customise search results with filters.

Simple pricing

Start for free and scale according to your needs. Prices exclude VAT.

We can support index sizes up to millions of pages.
Contact us at if you need to index more than 25 000 pages.