About Findkit

Findkit was created by a group of experienced developers who wanted a cost-effective, customizable, and accessible alternative to Google Site Search.

Like all the best products, Findkit began as a solution to a single customer’s problem: our customer had several websites implemented with different CMS’, and the contents needed to be included in the same search solution.

In response to this need, we built a search engine that can collect data from any website and search it through a lightning-fast search interface. When we solved this problem for our own customers, we decided to turn the solution into a SaaS platform and offer it to everyone.

Findkit includes all the tools for building a modern site search at a fraction of the cost of competitors. It is platform-agnostic and can connect even millions of different website contents into a single search index. The top-speed search interface provides search results based on intelligent relevance as the user types.

With Findkit, you can set up an enterprise-level website search in under five minutes. Compared to competitors, Findkit offers a much smoother developer experience and very flexible options for customizing both the search interface and the relevance of search results. Findkit allows you to build a search for both public websites and intranets or content behind a paywall.

A search implemented with Findkit is also very easy to integrate into external systems, such as Google Analytics or Matomo analytics.

In addition to solving the challenges developers face with website search, Findkit’s affordable pricing and whitelabel model make it possible to generate passive monthly income with the search solution. This is something all CEOs dream of.