A Golden Opportunity: How Everybody Wins with a Site Search Tool?

In the fast-paced digital world, the ability to quickly and accurately find information on a website is paramount for users everywhere. It is just a concrete fact and this is why it is worth a while to have a look at Findkit. 

Findkit is an enterprise-level site search tool that is revolutionizing the way digital agencies and website owners can get the best out of the extensive online content and ultimately offer a top-notch experience to website users. Many organizations are used to paying hundreds of euros or dollars per month for an enterprise-level site search. Findkit creates a whole new set-up for all the stakeholders. Practically, a set-up where everybody wins.

Here’s how each Findkit stakeholder reaps the rewards of this innovative search solution:

Digital Agency: New Recurring Revenue with an Enterprise-level Site Search

Findkit offers a golden opportunity for digital agencies which are in a perpetual quest to differentiate their services and add value for their clients. As a Findkit user you are able to offer a customizable and enterprise-level site search tool that integrates flawlessly with your clients’ websites. This not only enhance your service portfolio but also positions you as a provider of cutting-edge technological solution. Site search on a website will not be a funny joke anymore – at least to your clients!

Best of all, this can be done in just from a few minutes to half an hour depending on your ambitions. Implementing a lightning fast enterprise-level site search to your client’s website has probably never been this easy.

Using Findkit also brings a significant financial upside: recurring revenue. By incorporating site search into the suite of services, you can create a steady stream of income from the ongoing use of the search tool on your clients’ websites.

Let’s have an example:

  • Cost of Findkit: 59€ per month per plan
  • Pricing for the Customer (Website Owner): 99 € per month per plan
  • Margin for the Digital Agency: 40 € per month per plan

As a user of Findkit, you can of course decide by yourself how to price your site search product. Findkit has no restrictions regarding your pricing strategy.

And, you know what? You can brand your own Findkit based site search as you wish.🔥

Website Owner: Higher Conversion Rate with Site Search

Website owners benefit from Findkit’s advanced search capabilities, which can lead to better user engagement, higher conversion rates, and an overall boost in user satisfaction. The search tool’s precise results and fast performance directly contribute to a more effective online presence and in many cases that can directly impact the bottom line of the whole business.

End User: Satisfying Site Search Experience

Last but definitely not least – End users are the ultimate beneficiaries of Findkit based search tool. A user-friendly search experience is critical for keeping visitors engaged and ensuring they find the information or products they seek without hassle or frustration. 

With Findkit based search, users enjoy a seamless and satisfying search experience, thanks to the platform’s quick, accurate, and intuitive search capabilities. With Findkit you ensure that search results are relevant and delivered promptly, elevating the overall user experience and fostering loyalty among website visitors.

A Site Search Solution by Which Everybody Wins

In summary, Findkit’s white-label site search tool is much more than a search solution. It is a 3 x Win solution for all parties involved. Digital agencies enjoy the added benefit of recurring revenue, website owners relish in the enhanced user engagement and end-users enjoy a superior search experience. 

Everybody wins. Sign up here and try for free.