Findkit Regions Now Available

Until now Findkit was hosted only in the AWS Stockholm region but from now on it is possible to deploy the Search Index and the Search Endpoint to other regions as well.

Regions allow you to deploy Findkit Search closer to your users which simply makes it more responsive to them as they do not have to send the search requests to the other side of the globe.

We now offer an US West region in addition to the existing EU North region when creating a new Search Project in Findkit Hub. We plan to expand this, so if you have a specific region requirement, you can message us and we’ll see if we can expedite that region.

What changes?

When creating a Findkit project, you will now be asked what region to use. Previously the region defaulted to EU North under the hood so the Hub now shows your existing projects as being in the EU North region.

New option in Findkit Hub

The public token used to configure the FindkitUI library and the WordPress plugin is now expanded to contain a region suffix so they look like this: p68GxRvaA:eu-north-1. If the suffix is omitted it will default to eu-north-1 meaning all existing public tokens will continue to work like before. No changes are needed for existing projects.

Global Region?

The Findkit Regions released today work only in a single region but now that we have a way to deploy indices and search endpoints to multiple regions it paves a road to have a globally distributed index which would perform equally well from anywhere in the world. If this is something that interests you please contact us!