Introducing Findkit: The White Label Site Search Tool for Digital Agencies


We are thrilled to announce the launch of Findkit, a new, powerful white label site search tool designed specifically for digital agencies. We are also excited to share how Findkit can revolutionize your clients’ website experience while simultaneously unlocking an entirely new revenue stream for your agency.

Implemented in less than 5 minutes

Findkit is a robust, customizable search solution that can be seamlessly integrated into any website. It’s a tool made by developers, for developers, We’ve ensured that Findkit is not only powerful but also easy to implement, with extensive documentation to guide you through the entire process. Implementing takes less than 5 minutes.

Enterprise level search tool with your brand

As a white label tool, Findkit allows you to offer your clients an advanced search feature under your own brand. This means that you can enhance your suite of services by providing a search solution that goes beyond the typical, often inefficient, search bar. Findkit delivers highly accurate results, ensuring that users can quickly find the content they’re looking for. This results in increased engagement, improved user satisfaction, and ultimately, higher conversion rates for your clients.

New source of recurring revenue

However, Findkit doesn’t stop at improving user experience. As a white label product, it’s designed to support your business growth. By integrating Findkit into your offerings, you open up a new source of recurring revenue. You can effectively monetize your services while also delivering enhanced value to your clients.

It’s time to enrich your digital toolbox and step up your game with Findkit. We’ve created this tool with you in mind, and are committed to continuously refining and enhancing it based on your feedback.

How to get started?

To get started with Findkit, sign in or sign up to The free plan is also available.

About Findkit

Findkit is a white label site search tool designed for digital agencies and developers. It provides a new search solution that can be seamlessly integrated into any website, enhancing user experience, improving conversion rates, and opening up a new revenue stream for agencies.